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It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child. At Safe Homes, we believe it takes a caring and involved community to create a safe village. We are grateful to our corporate partners for helping us to end the ravages of domestic violence, teen-dating violence, and human trafficking in our community. Consider the many options of partnering with Safe Homes of Orange County, including workplace awareness and prevention programs, employee gift giving and matching gift programs, in-kind partnerships, cause-related marketing, and sponsorships.

Awareness and Prevention Programs for the Workplace

Each year, domestic violence costs American employers an estimated $5.8 billion. With 1-in-4 women experiencing domestic violence in her lifetime, the odds are you will employ, work, or do business with someone living with the fear, secrecy, and isolation that assail survivors every day. Intimate partner abuse follows a pattern of escalation. When it spills onto the workplace in the form of harassment, stalking, threats, and other acts of intimidation; workplace violence becomes a very present danger. If your company does not have a domestic violence workplace policy, we can help you develop one.

We also offer in-house domestic violence awareness training with customized interactive workshops ranging from 15 minutes to four hours. We will tailor the workshop to meet your company’s needs.

To learn more about our corporate awareness and prevention programs, please contact our Community Educator at 845.562.5365 ext. 105 or click here to send us an email.

Employee and Matching Gift Programs

Many companies have employee gift programs in place, allowing employees to donate to the non-profit of their choice often through automatic payroll deductions. Corporations encourage their employees’ philanthropy through programs that donate money and resources to the nonprofits that employees deeply care about. In matching gift programs, companies usually match their donations at a 1:1 ratio. Some companies, however, will match gifts at up to a 4:1 ratio with a maximum set up. Employees benefit from matching gifts by maximizing their donations and companies benefit by contributing to a cause their employees care about. We hope you will consider creating a corporate culture of solidarity by starting a matching gifts program. If you already have a program in place, we are happy to provide you with information on our agency to allow Safe Homes and the adults and children we serve to be recipients of your organization’s gifts programs.

In-Kind Giving

From annual giving campaigns, where employers encourage donations at specific times of the year, to casual Friday fundraisers, holiday-wish adoptions, and food drives; Safe Homes has long relied on the creativity and initiative of workplace groups to strengthen the network of support for our clients. The enthusiasm from workplace groups during in-kind giving campaigns is the best proof that companies that support and encourage workplace giving boosts morale all around.

Cause-Related Marketing

Businesses of all sizes are embracing the concept of “doing well while doing good” and use cause-related marketing opportunities to express their social responsibility. Cobranded events, percentage of profit campaigns and community marketing campaigns promote your company’s values and willingness to support good causes and enhance your image through publicity and media coverage. Non-profits like Safe Homes are able to further their cause and mission and because consumers embrace cause-related purchasing (it’s been reported that 61% of consumers are willing to try a new brand, or one they’ve never heard of, because of its association with a particular cause), it promotes lasting goodwill toward your brand.


Corporate sponsorships of specific program areas, annual gift campaigns, community events and the like, ensure a measureable return on investment through exposure and visibility on our website, newsletter, social media campaigns, and community event promotion. We view our sponsors as partners, where both entities advance their mission and goals through mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship.

To learn more about our sponsorships and giving collaborations, please contact our Events & Community Engagement Manager at 845.562.5365 ext. 101 or click here to send us an email.

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