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Party With a Purpose

Party with a Purpose:
Birthdays, Showers & House Parties for Safe Homes

If the work of Safe Homes is meaningful to you, consider turning a personal celebration into an opportunity for family and friends to express their love for you in a way that has lasting impact. Host a home-based donation drive in honor of your birthday, your child’s birthday, your baby or wedding shower, your retirement party, a family tribute, or ‘just because’ you want to have a party and make it special. No matter how modest the means of the people in your circle, you’ll be surprised at their generosity and the difference you can make together.

Need a little help planning?

Here are some tried and true ideas from our donors:

Send invitations to 25 of your closest friends and family, inviting them to participate in your Safe Homes fundraising celebration. Ask each invitee to be part of your ‘Party with a Purpose’ by contributing:

  • Monetary donations in honor of your birthday, wedding, birth of a child, retirement:
    • $10 x 25 = $250 ... $25 x 25 = $625 ... it adds up quickly! If 10 of your guests pledge $10 recurring monthly-gifts for one year, that totals $1,200! Their gift provides food for a family of three for three months! A little goes a long way;
  • $10 worth of non-perishable and/or microwavable foods to the party (call Safe Homes to find out which foods are most needed);

  • A set of toiletry basics: shampoo/conditioner, tooth brush/paste, soap, and deodorant;

  • Household items: kitchenware, small appliances (coffeemaker, microwave, toaster), new towel sets or sheet sets, etc.

Create a Facebook event page for your party that directly links to our Facebook page. We are happy to provide you with Safe Home’s materials highlighting our mission and services to share with your invitees. You will be amazed at how much enthusiasm and involvement your ‘Party with a Purpose’ campaign generates. As donations stream in, you will experience a new kind of celebration and meaning in giving and, since good works are contagious, others will follow!

Even more vital, you will be spreading the message of hope and help that Safe Homes offers and, quite possibly, making a difference to someone in your circle who may be silently struggling with domestic violence, teen dating violence, or human trafficking. If you would like our staff to help you plan your special event, contact our development staff for a ‘party kit’ by emailing us select “PARTY KIT” from the drop down menu.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact the Safe Home’s development staff to let them know you want do a celebration drive and the date of your event (by using the email address above);
  2. About a month before your event, you will receive a kit that includes:
    • 25 invitations with envelopes, inviting family and friends to give to Safe Homes in honor of your celebration;
    • 25 inserts describing your event and how it will make a difference;
    • 25 return/remit envelopes for donations made in honor of your celebration;
    • 25 thank you notes for those who make donations.
  3. About three weeks before your event, send out your invitations with handwritten notes asking friends and family to donate in honor of your celebration to Safe Homes of Orange County, including the inserts and return envelopes we provide.
  4. About two weeks before your event, set up an event page on Facebook, linked to our page where people can donate directly in honor of your event.

Have fun while making a difference!


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