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How To Help


Volunteer support is crucial in enabling us to achieve our mission of providing services and support to those in our community who are impacted by intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, and human trafficking. Given the work that we do and the need to protect the confidentiality of the individuals and families that we serve, the process for volunteering at Safe Homes may look different from that of other non-profit agencies. 

All volunteers and interns are required to complete a full 5-day training and orientation prior to working with our program. We typically offer this training three times during the year: in January, June and September. The five days of training are spread out over a three week period and are held during normal business hours (9am-5pm).  NOTICE: Our June 2019 training will take place June 10th - 14th (one full week).

To begin the process, please complete a Volunteer/Intern Application (see link to download below).  Once the application is returned, we will follow up with you to further discuss your interest in volunteering, opportunities that may be available, as well as when the next training will be held. Internship applicants will be contacted for an interview prior to the start of the 5-day training session. Volunteer applicants must attend a Volunteer Information Session, which is held the month prior to the start of the next training and orientation.

Have questions? We are happy to answer them! Please email us. 

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sorting and Organizing Donations
  • Upkeep of Food/Supplies Pantry
  • Assist with child careon-site at our offices, such as during support groups or appointments with our advocates.

  • Direct Servicessuch as accompaniment to court, appointments, etc. Requires additional intensive training.

  • Structured Activities
  • Interpreter / Translation Assistance
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising / Community Outreach

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